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Happy Novemberween

Anderson CooperHappy November, kids.  The holidays are nearly upon us, and I have to say I’m pretty excited this year.  I think after having spent last Christmas in Africa where the temperatures were sweltering and their Yuletide celebrations were less than underwhelming, I seem to have a shiny new appreciation for the holidays this year… something I hadn’t anticipated.  I was actually hit by a wave of excited giddiness the other day when I heard an obnoxious re-worded rendition of Carol of the Bells for… oh, I dunno, Wal Mart or something…. Usually those types of advertisements (long before Thanksgiving, no less) just make me want to throw the remote through the TV Jason Isaacs screen, but apparently not this year.  Hooray for actually being in the holiday spirit this time ’round!  Don’t get me wrong… I had an incredible experience in Cameroon last year (especially when my parents were on the phone telling me it was well below 0° in Chicago and the power had gone out while I was preparing to hit the beach and work on the ol’ tan… I know, I’m an insensitive a-hole.)  However, while a very large chunk of the population in Cameroon is Christian in some form or another, they just have no idea how to celebrate Christmas properly.  I tell you this now; you will never fully appreciate the excruciating irritation brought on by musical Christmas lights, [which seems to be the only variety they sell in the entire region] until you’ve heard “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” at least 1000 times in that scratchedy, high-pitched, whiny digital droning.  Everywhere you go.  Egh, I still cringe at the memory.

Anyhow, I realise I’ve already rambled on for an entire paragraph now and haven’t yet made any acknowledgment of the pictures of deliciousness that I have strategically planted throughout this post of mine.  I’m getting to that.  I was just hoping that perhaps Santa’d catch a glimpse of this humble little blog of mine and maybe I could wake up to one (or more) of these boys under my Christmas tree on the morning of the 25th….  Not too unreasonable a request I should think?  And before anybody wants to callously dash my dreamsJon Hamm; yes, I am fully aware that Jason Isaacs is married with children, that Jon Hamm has a long-time girlfriend and that Anderson Cooper is rumoured to be homosexual.  Details, details.  I can work around all that.  Seriously.  I’ve been REALly good this year.  Please?

Okay, anyway, I know it’s actually been a while since I’ve posted anything on this bad boy.  It’s been a very busy past few months, and I’ve actually made a few life-altering decisions in that time (yay life-altering decisions!)  Mainly… to go back to school and finish up my degree in Anthropology.  Yeah.  That’s all I’m going to say about that for the time being.  We’ll leave my Yay-for-Realising-my-lifelong-Dream-of-Becoming-an-Archaeologist spiel for another post. Though I will include the disclaimer that… well  from here on out this is now a blog from the perspective of…. a student.  So, you know, you may be subjected to posts about bones and relics and ancient civilisations and such.  All 100% fascinating, I assure you.  Though if you ever read this for my cooking and baking antics… need I remind you that the holidays are nigh and everybody knows the holidays mean pies and cookies and cakes and all sorts of thigh-thickening fun.  Not to mention my gingerbread log cabin project which, admittedly, may or may not actually be realised this season.  We’ll see.  But either way, there are still guaranteed to be plenty of culinary shenanigans and experiments in my kitchen to report about in the next couple of months.  So until next time, my loyal readers (all 2 of you…)….

I wish you a good night, and sweet dreams of Sugarplum Fairies and super sexy 1960’s ad men! ; )


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