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Baby Almond Cakes

I’ve finally found a recipe for simple almond cake. You have no idea how difficult it is to find a decent recipe for just plain almond cake online. Sheesh! I stumbled across this little gem last night, and while it’s actually a recipe for funfetti cupcakes, I just omitted the sprinkles and used little cake tins instead of cupcake tins. I was so happy with the results, the cakes turn out moist and flavourful and just absolutely awesome. They were exactly what I was hoping for!

So I have these adorable mini cake and pie tins that I’ve been meaning to use for ages, and I’ve been wanting to test out a few ideas for almond cake that I’ve been toying around with in my head for a while now, and last night I finally had the opportunity. I made three little cakes, each 4″ or so in diameter. I wasn’t so much concerned with appearance last night as with tastes, so please forgive the sloppy assembly and presentations!

Cake number one turned out really well. It was my mum’s favourite of the three. After letting it cool, I sliced it in half and spread a generous layer of Boysenberry Jam as the filling. I’ll admit I was a little disappointed when I realised we were out of Raspberry Jam as I had originally had in mind, but the Boysenberry ended up working really nicely with the lime glaze I put on top. The combination of the almond, the citrusy flavour of the Lime and the lovely sweetness of the Boysenberry was really nice… The glaze was just a simple frosting made of Confectioner’s Sugar and Milk, to which I added a bit of fresh squeezed Lime Juice and a drop of neon green food colouring to tint it. I realised, though that the Juice made the glaze a little too thin for my liking when I poured it on top of the cake. It pretty much soaked right in and ended up looking something like a buttered crumpet or English muffin, which isn’t all together bad, but it wasn’t at all what I was going for. I realised using the browned sides of the cakes helped prevent absorption (duh), as well as thickening the glaze. I think next time I might just omit the milk and stick with the juice….or just add more sugar. We’ll see. I put a few scrapings of the Lime Zest on top for identification purposes, as well as to make it look pretty.

Cake number two (not shown) was my favourite. I made a batch of Vanilla Pudding for the filling and for the glaze I used Coconut Milk instead of regular Milk and the result was great. The coconut flavour was very delicate but definitely present, and it had a really wonderful, rich, authentic taste to it; not artificial and saccharine sweet like you so often get with coconut-flavoured sweets. It was an extremely moist, creamy cake that wasn’t overly sweet or heavy, which was really nice. Plus I absolutely love coconut. The cake itself was kind of ugly because I did a rubbish job of cutting the domed tops off to make the layers even and level (I was being a little impatient), but the glaze gave it that Krispy Kreme donut look. So next time when I actually take my time with it, it’ll look absolutely gorgeous, especially with a little pile of toasted coconut shavings on top. Obviously I’ll be concentrating a little more on aesthetics when I make this for an audience next time.

Cake number three was my cousin/guinea pig, CJ’s favourite. Almond Glaze with Boysenberry filling. Pretty, elegant, simple and a lovely delecate flavour. Yum. Oh, and those are chocolate shavings on top because I didn’t have any boysenberries…

I loved the rich, moist, fluffy, aromatic Almond Cake which was fantastic on it’s own, actually, but the glaze was a really perfect compliment to the cake as it was nice and thin and by no means overwhelming. It looked really nice and added just the right amount of moisture and sticky sweetness. (Not to mention it’s one of the easiest frostings to make and work with.)

So there. Now I know what to whip up next time I’ve got a party to attend and don’t want to have to break my back for a dessert that will disappear within seconds. Yum.


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