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How do you do…

Oh boy. I’ve done it. I’ve gone and gotten myself a blog. I suppose I ought to start out with a disclaimer of sorts…

How ’bout….

I have no idea what I’m doing…

No seriously, though. I don’t really have anything specific to tell the masses about… I don’t “do” anything…

I just um…wanted to write about stuff, I guess.

I am a rather sporadic person… I’d introduce and describe myself, but honestly that changes constantly. Like…day to day…hour to hour sometimes even… Something as simple as a cup of coffee can drastically change things… (note: I am pathetically addicted to caffeine.) …which may or may not make me seem like I suffer from multiple personality disorder or something… which may or may not be true… (but as of now, I have not been clinically diagnosed as so…) I think I’m relatively normal, however… I think I just have a lot jammed in this little package and it all decides to show itself at various times for various occasions…

I’d say right now I’m in an extremely random mood. Which is why this post is all over the place. Also, I am currently at work and keep getting interrupted by duty as it calls, so this hasn’t all been written in one sitting… and before you scoff at my slackerish, blog-writing-while-on-the-clock ways, I’ll tell you that I am a receptionist with not much to do. Seriously. I’m not procrastinating or ignoring work that I don’t want to do in the hopes that it’ll just go away… I honestly don’t have anything else to do. My job consists almost entirely of sitting here and smiling while I wait for people to call, clients to arrive and packages to be delivered…. which doesn’t happen all that much. Ergo my boredom. And mildly delerious random demeanour at the moment. But back to the introduction/description…

I think generally speaking… people might describe me as consistently easy-going, upbeat, relatively funny, creative, a lil’ goofy, and exceptionally sarcastic. I don’t consider myself a particularly abrasive person, so if I say something that’s offensive… 98 times out of 100 it’s just my satirical side rearing its ugly head… And I swear I’m not just saying that so I don’t get an inbox stuffed full of angry emails for anything that gets written here that’s even mildly upsetting. Almost everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt. (Sometimes a whole shaker when I’m feeling feisty.)

My mind is all over the place. Almost always. I have a million hobbies and I’m kind of rubbish at all of them… Well… not rubbish, per say, but certainly not talented enough to make a living of any of them… which is what makes them hobbies I suppose…

My latest obsession is cooking and baking. I mean I’ve always loved cooking and baking… I’ve been making a mess of my mother’s kitchen with hare-brained culinary experiments since I was old enough to reach the counters. Before then, even. I distinctly remember my very first kitchen (Fischer Price, perhaps?) as a toddler (I swear I’m not making it up; I really do remember a thing or two from when I was that young). It was plastic. But that was okay with me. It had counterspace and that was all I needed. My poor cousin, we’ll call him “BJ”…oh no, he’d hate that…how ’bout “CJ”… is my age, and he’s been my Guinea Pig since I can remember. That’s partially his fault, though, because not once have I ever had to tie him down and plug his nose to get him to try anything. He still reminds me of the “soup” I made when we were about 9 that made his nose run like Niagara Falls because I had used about half the bottle of Cayenne Pepper, among other kick-infusing ingredients, in the glop. I don’t think he minds too much. I make him legitimate food now that he thoroughly enjoys, so I think he agrees that it was all worth it.

Swedish Princess Cake.

Swedish Princess Cake.

But much more than cooking; I love baking. Cakes, tarts, pies, crumbles, trifles, puddings, tortes– you name it I love to make it. The prettier the better. I’m kind of obsessed with minor (often trivial) details when it comes to certain things, and desserts is definitely one of those things. Give me fondant and gum paste flowers and crystallised fruits and lattice crusts and dizzying icing designs any day. I love the complex, the time-consuming, the excessively ornate… I may have a.d.d. (now THAT I am legitimately diagnosed with), but constructing a beautiful dessert can hold my attention for hours on end. It’s in my genes, I think… I found out at some point that my biological father and grandfather owned their own bakery. Go figure!

(On that note, I’ll state now that I am adopted… and am my very own Nature vs. Nurture experiment. In that respect, I actually fascinate myself. And I mean that most humbly. More on that later, I’m sure…)

Anyhow, back to introducing myself… I’m 24 years old, I live a mile outside the city limits of Chicago, Illinois, I have absolutely no idea what to do with myself and life, and…um…have apparently decided to write about it. I do enjoy writing, and am working on a rather large, novel-length fiction piece that may or may not be finished by the time I’m collecting Social Security. I’m a book worm; escapism is one of my favourite pastimes… I was a synchronised swimmer several years back, and, like cooking… I got a very early start in the water… my parents practically had to drag me out of the pool and bath tub. I work to live, not the other way around. Ergo my lack of a career at this stage in the game. Though my latest kick is to become a pastry chef… An actual career aspiration *gasp!* We’ll see how well that goes. Sometimes I like to pontificate. A lot. What can I say; I can be a persnickety pain in the arse at times. Nobody’s perfect.

So I think that’ll have to do for now in the way of an introduction because… I can’t think of anything else to say about myself without boring the snot out of anyone that happens to stumble across and read this monstrosity.

I’m not quite sure why I decided to start a blog… I’m not sure I’m interesting enough to have a regular, consistent source of material to put up here… but we’ll see…

Ta for now.


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