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Gingerbread Log Cabin Replica

My [large-ish Irish Catholic] family has a log cabin that my dad and Uncles built in 1984 (the year I was born!) It’s our little piece of Heaven on a lazy river in BuFu Illinois when we want to escape the city. It’s not perfect, but it means a lot to us. Well, some of us anyway. But even for those of my family members who don’t make it out very often, The Cottage has a special little place in all of our hearts. (Okay that sounded infinitely more cheesy than I had intended it to, but… oh well.)

So last year I came up with the brilliant idea of attempting to recreate our lil’ cottage as a gingerbread replica, and presenting it at our annual family Christmas party.

Well, I happened to be in Africa for our annual family Christmas party last year, so needless to say…that didn’t exactly happen.

This year, however, I will be home for the holidays (bum deal), so I think I’m gonna go for it! I realise it’s only August (I’ve actually been working out the schematics since last month already), but I figure this is going to take a bit of trial and error and… possibly some math…. to figure out.

Now as mentioned in my previous post… I tend to be extremely persnickety about certain things, and excessively detail-oriented. Ahem. That being said; I already know that accuracy and true-to-life detail is going to be a big deal for this project… I can’t help it. If I’m going to do something [like this] I’m going to do it right. Very, very, very right. Hooray for debilitating perfectionism!

So I think I’m going to begin experimenting with the logs themselves first. Individual 2-D ones piped out onto cookie sheets. Possible detailling done with marmalade and cinnamon…. the real logs have an interesting treatment to them… a bit glossy, a beautiful colour, though peeling a little bit… We shall see. Suggestions welcome. I haven’t ruled out pretzel rods entirely, but…. it is, after all, a gingerbread house…

I’d also like to have a crack at sugar windows soon. The Cottage has quite a few windows, including a large picture window and a few dormers. Anyone know how I might go about giving the corners that powdery-white snow-collecting-in-my-panes look? I’m thinking white Pixie Stix/Sherbet powder, or maybe even just caster sugar…for that extra pretty sparkly effect…

Updates and photos to be posted if/when I ever get around to testing these things out…

; )


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